Verve Caterers & Events
Full Service Cape Town Catering Company

Verve Ready Meals (Helderberg only)

'Freeze Friendly' Meals

ZAR80.00Thai Green Curry with Vegetables (400g)
Thai Green Curry with Broccoli, Butternut & Basmati Rice
ZAR80.00Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie (400g)
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie
ZAR80.00Broccoli Potato Cakes (400g)
Broccoli Potato Cakes, Creamy Swiss Chard


Delivery Charges

R15 Gordon's Bay, all areas
(free delivery on orders of R350 or more)
R20 Strand, all areas
(free delivery on orders of R400 or more)
R30 Somerset West (Helderzicht, Somerset West, Rome Glen)
(free delivery on orders of R450 or more)
R40 Somerset West (Westridge, Parel Vallei, Golden Acre,
Erinvale, World's View)
(free delivery on orders of R550 or more)
R50 Somerset West (Heldervue, Die Wingerd, Helderberg Estate, Bel'Aire
Estate, Helderberg Village)
(free delivery on orders of R650 or more)